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Appointment and Fees

Dr Dominic Mort appointmentPatients consulting me should always have been referred with a letter by their GP or by another consultant practitioner.  For obvious reasons, I will insist that my clinic letter goes to the GP and that they are kept fully in the picture at all stages.

A copy of my clinic letter to the GP (or other referrer) will be sent to the patient’s preferred contact address (including their email address, if requested), unless the patient has requested not to receive a copy.


I am registered as a provider with every major medical insurer.  Insured patients should contact their insurer to obtain an authorisation code prior to a consultation with me and it is advisable that this is provided at the time of booking the appointment.  Sometimes, insurers only cover a proportion of the consultation fee.  If this is the case, the patient must recognise that, in consulting me, they are agreeing to pay promptly any shortfall not covered by their insurer as soon as they or we notify them of a shortfall.

I regularly see self-funding patients as well.  Self-funding patients are requested to pay the consultation fee in advance by card over the telephone or by BACS transfer via my secretary.

Please be aware that any diagnostic tests (including blood tests and scans) are not included in my fee and would be invoiced separately by the provider.

First consultation (New)

45 minutes

£ 275

Follow-up consultation

15 minutes

£ 150



Clinic Timetable

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