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Neurological investigations

Neurologival Investigations - Dr Dominic MortMRI brain or spine   

Modern MRI techniques make an invaluable contribution to neurological diagnosis, clarifying aspects of anatomy in exquisite detail and excluding secondary, structural causes of some neurological symptoms.  If a patient requires structural imaging of a part or parts of their nervous system, it can be arranged promptly.  All the hospitals that Dr Mort works at own their own up-to-date MRI machine.  Once acquired, the relevant imaging is reported by expert neuro-radiology consultants that day.  The images should be available for review in the clinic room at the time of follow-up consultations.  Supplementary techniques include MR angiography (MRA), CT angiography (CTA) and MR venography (MRV).

Nerve conduction studies / EMG

Nerve conduction studies / EMG  is a technique which tests the electrical properties of the patient’s nerves and muscles to try to localise the level at which there is a pathological change.  The test does not take long and is performed by a consultant clinical neurophysiologist who is expert in interpreting the data obtained.

EEG (electro-encephalography)     

EEG is a standard technique for measuring the spatial and temporal distribution of electrical activity across the surface of the brain.  Its principal use is to provide supporting information in the diagnosis of epilepsy.  In itself though it does not diagnose epilepsy (unless performed whilst a seizure is happening).  That is diagnosed from the clinical history.  Indeed a significant number of patients with clinical evidence of a definite diagnosis of epilepsy will have relatively normal EEGs between attacks, so it cannot be used to ‘exclude’ epilepsy, for example.

A variety of other tests may be organised by Dr Mort if clinically indicated, including blood tests, ECG, 24 ECG, chest xray, echocardiogram, carotid doppler’s, CT body scanning, whole body PET, DAT scan

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