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Dr Dominic Mort is a Consultant Neurologist

I hope you will find the information provided here helpful.  You and your GP may be considering a referral for a neurology opinion.  This website is designed to help you and your GP make that decision.  If the decision is to see me, then make an appointment with the hospital that suits you best and I will look forward to seeing you with your GP’s referral letter.

As a consultant neurologist, I specialise in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of neurological symptoms and conditions.  Many symptoms that we experience have a neurological basis.  That does not always mean that a serious disorder underlies all of them – in fact that is only rarely the case - but most neurological symptoms do have a negative impact on the quality of someone’s life, so it can be important to have them assessed properly.

My ethos always is to provide a clear understanding to you of what I think is wrong and how it might best be treated, aiming to give you the best care that I can.  I hope you will notice the difference.

I have been fortunate to have had a very thorough neurology training and to have practiced with the best as a consultant.  I have been a consultant neurologist since 2007 and in full-time private practice since 2013.  I can draw on my experience and, because I allocate plenty of time for consultations, I can do my best to make my experience work for you.

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